COOLSIS Staff Access User Guide for Teachers

COOLSIS Staff Access allows teachers to perform daily classroom tasks such as taking attendance, assigning homework/quizzes/tests/classwork, grading assignments and keeping communication logs. Using a real-time dashboard, teachers can track taken/untaken attendances, grade assignments and check their schedules.  We are still improving the application. So, some features still will be disabled.
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Log-in Tips:
  • SCHOOL NAME: This is the school name inside the web address that you type in a web browser to access COOLSIS (for more information please contact the main office of your school). You may exclude "https://" and "" while typing the name. In this example, School Name is "Demo".
  • COOLSIS Staff Access will remember your login information. 

Home Page:  Each card displays a summary of the related module.
  • By tapping a card item you can jump to its details. 
Access student-related academic information such as attendance, grades and schedules easily.
View critical student information such as medical needs and contact information quickly by tapping on a student.
My Students Tool Bar: 
  • List View / Tile View: Switch between LIST and PHOTO CHART
  • Search: Search the Students with their last names
My Students View Settings: 
  • All Status: Tab to add your transferred students to the list
  • Group: Tab to group students according to their grade groups
  • After you tab on a student, Student Information page will open.
  • On the top of Student Information page, you can see the student's photo, full name, grade group, date of birth and student number.
  • You can go back to list by tabbing BACK TO LIST button.
Attendance: Check all verified, unverified, and late records of the student. Each verified attendance contains details regarding the verification date, type, who verified it, and how.
Grades: By tapping on a course section, you can list the student's current final grades both in numeric and letter format. All assignments and categories can be seen for each course.
  • To enter a comment tap on the comment button. 
  • To list all the assignments under one category, tap on a category.
  • To grade an assignment, tap on the grade field of an assignment.
Comm Log: List, add, edit and remove the student's communication log.
Schedule: View the student's weekly schedule.
Attendance: Take attendance by tapping on student attendance status. 
  • Tap "set all" floating button at the bottom of the screen for the entire class.
  • Tab ALL PRESENT + button at the top of the student list to set all students' attendances present.

Assignments:  By tapping on a course section, you can list all the assignments under that course section.
  • To create, edit and remove assignments, use the buttons in the assignment section.  
  • To grade an assignment, tap on the grade field.
  • To change the status, tab status button. When an assignment is graded, status automatically sets to Normal.
  • To enter the same grade to all students at once, use Set all to button.

Assignment Properties: You can add/edit assignment details.
Schedule and Calendar: List your daily weekly schedule in Period View or Time View format. 
  •  Your school must be using COOLSIS.
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